About Us

We Got Character is all about taking you back in time!
About us:  
We are located in the Ozarks (USA) and we love the simple things in life. You can say we are kids that never want to grow up! In a complicated & changing world sometimes you just want to be able to take a few moments and retreat to the age of innocence. Be it playing with tinker toys or sticks, or maybe it's jumping in the mud! So we specialize in what we love, and that can be anything from clothes, collectibles, and toys from the '80s to now.
What we do: We are resellers. We resell anything that has character!
That means we are considered a Thrift or Secondhand Store. All Items should be considered used. 
Where do our items come from? Our items come from all over. It could have come from an auction, garage sale, flea market, or a collector to name just a few. We also work with a few companies, located here in the States for some of our newer items. As the saying goes "One's man's trash, is another man's treasure!" you never know what you will find here.
Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to learn more about us.

Note: It has come to our attention someone has been using our name on eBay  "We Got Character" and shows up as an eBay store out of South Carolina. Please be advised this is not us and that we do not represent nor have any affiliation with them. We have been in Business since 2012 and did at one point have items listed on eBay under that name but stopped selling on eBay several years back.