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Conflict Free Living By Joyce Meyer PB-We Got Character
Conflict Free Living By Joyce Meyer PB-We Got Character

Conflict Free Living By Joyce Meyer PB

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Every person in the world should experience the joy of a peaceful life. But we don't! We are full of emotional bruises, grudges, stress, and unresolved issues in our relationships. But things do not need to be this way. We can take control of damaging emotional issues and restore peace in our lives, friendships, families, and marriages. Joyce Meyer reveals that at one time her life and ministry were in danger of being destroyed by conflict. In this book, she describes the destructive effects that conflict and dissension can have on your life and shows you how to recognize and confront it once and for all. By following the teaching in this book, you can make a decision today to keep conflict out of your life; out of your thoughts, words, and attitudes; and out of your relationships. Choose life! Choose peace!, In this revision of the bestselling book Life Without Strife, readers learn how to identify the tell-tale signs of trouble in a relationship, heal troubled relationships, and keep conflict out of their lives by following the biblical promises of peace and accord., Interpersonal conflict is causing serious damage and difficulties in our lives. Its destructive effects are straining marriages, embittering our children, and causing discord in our churches-even our daily commute is often affected by hostility and aggression. What if things could be different? What if every area of your life-yes, even your morning commute-could be free from conflict and strife? What if ALL of your relationships could be filled with love and excitement?

Condition Good, but used. this Paperback book has a crease on back cover