Corduroy Hardcover Book

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A gentle stuffed bear who wears a pair of green overalls, Corduroy sits on a shelf in the toy section of a large department store, eagerly awaiting the day that someone will decide to buy him and bring him home. He thinks that day has finally come when a young girl named Lisa picks him up and declares that he's the very bear she's always wanted. Sadly, however, Lisa's mother refuses to buy Corduroy because his overalls are missing a shoulder strap button. Down but not out, Corduroy waits for the store to close, and under cover of the night, he searches the entire department store for his missing button--a big adventure for such a little bear. Although he doesn't find his button, Corduroy does eventually find a home, as Lisa returns to the store early the next morning to purchase him with her own savings. Gently playing with the common childhood belief that toys have feelings and adventures of their own, CORDUROY is a comforting story that proves that everyone deserves, and will eventually find, a loving home of their own. Color illustrations accompany the text.
  • Author: Don Freeman
  • Hardcover
  • Condition: Like New