Hasbro 123 Sesame Street Mr Hooper's Store Playset

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Visit the Sesame Street friends right in their own neighborhood with the Sesame Street Playset. Your child will love imagining adventures with his favorite characters. Between Mr. Hooper's store, Big Bird's nest, and other destinations, your child will spend hours coming up with all sorts of adventures and good times. A fun, interactive toy that encourages imaginative play, the Sesame Street Neighborhood Playset brings a beloved television show to life.

  • Playset easily folds up for convenient storage
  • Oscar the Grouch plays peek-a-boo from his trash can
  • Age Requirements:
    18 months to 4 years
  • Playset features moveable street sign, a moveable sidewalk in front of apt. that open and closes Oscar's trash can, and spinning fruit stand.
  • The Inside features the store, a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.
  • Dated 2010 Hasbro
  • Condition: Used, missing fruit stand sticker