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Li'l Woodzeez Master Bedroom & Dining Set

$ 12.99 
"Final Sale"
Create the perfect home of your dreams with the Li'l Woodzeez Master Bedroom & Dining Set! This charming set includes everything you need to furnish a bedroom and dining area - beds, chairs, dining table and more - to give your l'il Woodzeez a cozy place to call home. Bring your imagination to life and craft a home that's as unique as these lovable characters!
  • Playset includes  a bed, table, 2 benches, cabinet and more!
  • Encourages Imagination: Your Li’l Woodzeez friends can enjoy some hospitality!
  • Compatible with Li’l Woodzeez animal figurines and competitor toys.
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for kids aged 3 and over.