Lot of 4 Precious Moments Figurines

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Here we have 4 angels upon letters D, O A, & R

  1. D is for delightful, the angel appears to be flying through the Letter D.
  2. O is for Optimistic, the angel is to the left of the letter O and she has a flower in her hand while a butterfly sits upon her head. 
  3. A is For Angelic, this angel is laying on top of the letter A with a basketful of kittens while the mother cat appears to look up at them.
  4. R is for Rejoice, and this angel has her head popping out of the letter R

Dated 2002 Precious Momets Inc. 

Lic. Enesco Group Inc. 

They measure no bigger than 3" x 3"

Condition: Used