Mickey Mouse Magical Railway Train Set

$ 14.99 

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  • 6 cars featuring Mickey Mouse on a Locomotive, & coal carrier  Donald Duck & Daisy on the passenger coach, Minnie Mouse on a Gondola, Goofy on the work car and it reads Disney Magical Railway on the Caboose. 
  • Tracking: 8 straight, 1 connector, and 10 curved pieces
  • Made of Plastic
  • A product of Disney & Scientific Toys Ltd
  • Requires 2 C batteries, at the time of posting, I could not get this to work. When working it pulls the other cars around and there is a real working headlight on the Locomotive.
  • Condition: Used. Stickers are starting to come up but can be glued back down and there is a chip on the rear right-hand side of the roof, on the locomotive near the battery compartment. you can see this in photos.