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The Twinkies Cookbook By Hostess

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Twinkie Cookbook by Hostess! A delightful collection of delicious Twinkie-inspired recipes, this cookbook offers inspiring ideas for mouth-watering treats. Create unforgettable desserts and snacks your family will love!

As part of Twinkies' seventy-fifth anniversary celebration, Hostess put out a call for recipes, asking people to share their ideas for cooking-yes, cooking-with Twinkies. Hundreds of people from across the country responded with an amazing bunch of inventive, homegrown, and sometimes wacky recipes. Nearly fifty of these unexpected creations-both sweet and savory!-are presented in this nostalgic and colorful collection. A delight for the whole family, THE TWINKIES COOKBOOK is the perfect snack for the Twinkie lover in all of us.

Condition: Used, in VGC